Shipping and Delivery

Winepair Delivery Truck

Delivery Times


Most orders* will take 1-5 days (after payment has been received) to deliver, nationwide.

*A few wines are available to purchase at a discount on backorder, and they will be will take longer to ship. We will call you if you order a wine on backorder to let you know when to expect delivery. This is usually within 10 working days.

We only ship orders that have been paid for.

Delivery Costs – Nationwide

  • Cape Town free delivery to your door.
  • For single cases (6 bottles) to other parts of South Africa, free delivery via Pargo who operate a point to point delivery and collect system (see below).
  • For 2 cases or more to other parts of South Africa, free delivery to your door.
“But I don’t live in Cape Town and I only want one case, delivered to my door!”
Alternatively for an additional R49 we can deliver direct to your door.
Door to door is free for 2 or more cases, unless Pargo is preferred.

Cape Town

1+ cases =

Free delivery to your door.

Other Parts of SA (including outlying areas!)

2+ cases =

Free delivery to your door.

1 case = R49 delivery to your door, or

Free delivery to your chosen Pargo pickup point. See the video below to find out more:





We can’t ship orders of less than 6 bottles in total.

Most of our wines come in multiples of 3, so you can choose two different wines to make up your own mixed case.