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We’re an independent, family-owned online wine boutique based in Cape Town offering exceptional wines for our customers.

Each wine is carefully pre-tasted and selected with love and pride, and you’ll find only the wines we’d proudly offer to guests in our own home.

With a particular focus on hard-to-find, cutting-edge and organic wines, we operate the business by ourselves, promising incredible value, personal attention and outstanding customer service.

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Kara and Rowan – “Wine Pair”

Wine Pair - Shop Open

It all started with a bottle of Graça...

… in a cosy Italian pizzeria, on our first Valentine’s Day together back in 2008.

Looking at the wine menu, the names of the farms and the various cultivars might as well have been printed in Ancient Greek. As the words swam before us, we took the ‘safest’ option and ordered the only name we recognised.

While we sipped the “talking, eating, drinking, laughing, singing, sharing wine”, we mused how nice it would be to actually know something about wine, so we could enjoy it even more.

The next morning, we were booked on a beginner’s course offered by The Cape Wine Academy and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now we know there’s much more to wine.

We can’t wait for you to try some of the delicious bottles in our collection.

We guarantee that every bottle we sell, we’d proudly  present to any guest visiting our home. Enjoy!

Our Scoring System

Bottle Rating 10We developed our own scoring system way back in the day when we knew nothing about what we were tasting or what the industry standards were.

We still like it because it makes sense to us – wine rated as a social companion.

We take into account our overall response to the wine when we taste it, bundling colour, aroma and taste into one score out of 10.

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